Epitope mapping of an anti-ChemR23 antibody

OSE Immunotherapeutics developed an antibody against the G-protein coupled chemerin receptor ChemR23. We modeled the 3D structure of ChemR23, and the predicted epitope was experimentally validated.

Antibody characterization
Tools used
Epitope mapping
Target structural modeling

3D structure of the ChemR23 receptor, a GPCR involved in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, was modeled from that of angiotensin receptor. The antibody developed by OSE Immunotherapeutics was docked on this model, and we predicted its epitope. Experimental validation of the epitope was performed using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) binding assay. Results were published in Science Advances.

More information about ChemR23: https://www.ose-immuno.com/en/our-products/ose-230-modular/