Antibody discovery and optimization

Partnering programs

MAbSilico enables its partners to identify the best lead candidates faster and better. Our epitope-driven antibody design uses multi-parametric approaches to design antibodies, while taking into account affinity, specificity, manufacturability, and safety all at once.

De Novo design
Antibody optimization

De Novo design

From the structural analysis of your target, MAbSilico designs antibody candidates in 21 days on a predefined epitope. We ensure that all the sequences fulfill the project's specifications (affinity, cross-species reactivity, specificity, manufacturability). Freedom-to-operate is evaluated for all sequences. The candidates are validated with wet-lab assays before being delivered to our partners.

Epitope-driven and affinity definition

Proprietary algorithms for docking and affinity modeling

Icon representing cross-specificity

Anticipate pre-clinical assays with best candidates

Hit to lead

No bad surprise for development with manufacturability specifications


Antibody optimization

MAbSilico can optimize your hits.


Find and use the best human framework for CDR grafting

Affinity maturation

CDR modifications to increase affinity


Remove sequence liabilities to increase developability

Characterization services

Increase your knowledge on your targets and your antibodies

MAbSilico toolbox is there to support your discovery programs: speed-up the characterization of your antibodies, increase your knowledge on your target and your competitors, and strengthen your IP.

Competitive analysis

Our Target Explorer is a web interface which gathers data focused on antibodies and their targets. The data are extracted by NLP and curated by our experts, from several resources (patents, scientific literature and several public databases). Specific information about the companies working on the target, as well as biological data like epitopes, affinities, mode of action and cross-specificity, are collected. The product provides seamless visualization, to easily understand and export complex data.

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Data extraction & expert's curation
Binding assessment

We predict epitopes and epitope bins of large sets of antibodies, allowing you either to keep a high coverage of your target, or on the contrary to focus on a chosen epitope. Epitope predictions also allow to anticipate the binding to model species orthologs, allowing to choose the ideal candidate for pre-clinical studies. We provide wet-lab validation of epitope predictions.

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Epitope mapping and binning
Icon representing cross-specificity
Cross-species binding
Biological validation
Developability assessment

Developability assessment is crucial to secure the future development of your lead. MAbSilico provides solutions to compare your sequences to those already patented, to ensure their freedom-to-operate. We know how to predict off-targets very early in the discovery process and on large sets of antibodies, avoiding investing in a risky candidate. We also identify sequences motifs prone to PTM, immunogenicity or aggregation.

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Off Target evaluation
PTM, aggregation immunogenicity evaluation
Freedom to operate

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