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Our DNA is to combine Computation and Biology dedicated to customers

MAbSilico has been founded by four scientists, whose expertises cover Mathematics, Computational Science, Artificial Intelligence, Structural and Experimental Biology. Only a multidisciplinary team could solve the challenge of computational antibody design, and we did!

Areas of expertise

As a multi-disciplinary team, MAbSilico gathers expertises in 3 domains. Team members are joining us to strengthen our skills and bring the best services and antibodies to our partners, collaborators and clients.

Computer science

The power of computation to take antibody discovery to the next level


Solid R&D biological data to power the AI, and only relevant experimental validations on a handful of in silico-designed candidates.


Manually-curated high value data, seamless visualization and automated tools in one single interface, MAbFactory.

Our success in numbers

antibodies analyzed

for design, optimization and characterization

therapeutic areas

where AI-based solutions are used

of research

in AI/ML for drug discovery

50+ targets

GPCR, membrane & soluble proteins

Partnering programs

for antibody design ongoing


customers all around the world

startups, biotechs and pharmas

Our mission

Design the best antibodies for your project

A paradigm shift in drug discovery

While AI is transforming many industries, MAbSilico rides the dragon!
We design the best antibodies in no time and increase the success rate of discovery campaigns with the purpose of bringing the drugs of tomorrow to the patients.

Our vision

Participate to the arising of new and affordable drugs

Drugs for everybody

There are still too many diseases lacking efficient drugs. We believe our technology can help filling the gap.

By providing an easy, fast and low-cost way to design antibodies, we can participate to decreasing the final costs of antibody drugs, and make them available to all who need them.

Our goals

Continue to make our antibodies always faster, better and safer

Title here

As scientists, we know that’s it’s always possible to go beyond what we have. We never slow-down in our efforts on improving the methods we have, and develop new ones.
Delivering better hits with different mechanism of actions and modalities while making saved a year to our partners is key to bring to the market new drugs.

Long story short

Our journey started in late 2017 when we founded MAbSilico.
We had already been working on AI-based methods dedicated to antibodies for more than 10 years and wanted to implement our technologies to the therapeutic antibody discovery process.


While it was the beginning of the global democratization of AI for small chemical molecule design, MAbSilico laid the first building block showing that AI approaches can also be transposed to biologics and antibodies.

i-Nov contest and first AI believers

MAbSilico received the help of Bpifrance to accelerate the development of AI solutions for antibody design. 

In the meantime, OSE Immunotherapeutics was convinced by MAbSilico's technologies and started a collaboration to accelerate their antibody drug discovery processes.


After the pandemic, AI was used by many companies to anticipate virus evolution and design drugs. MAbSilico provided its solutions while strengthening its technology for affinity and immunogenicity prediction.

First AI-based vaccine and solutions for antibody drug design

MAbSilico designed SARS-CoV-2 peptides predicted to display high immune response for OSE Immunotherapeutics' COVID19 vaccine which is now in clinical phase 1. The project allowed MAbSilico to add immunogenicity prediction to our tool-box.

In parallel, starting from the sequencing of two patients, MAbSilico identified and optimized cross-neutralizing antibodies in five weeks against one year by conventional approaches. 

Since then

MAbSilico has the technology to perform computational antibody drug design in 21 days, while integrating multi-parameter specifications to provide the best antibodies for your target. 
The company continues to develop new solutions to design better drugs and accelerate drug discovery. Some tools are available to our partners for antibody characterization through our software MAbFactory.

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