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MAbSilico is the best combination of computational scientists and biologists. Our AI-based technologies are validated and improved in the wet-lab to generate solutions that are applicable to any target, with no re-training required. The team gathers more than 100 scientific publications, and 4 patents. Our scientific and advisory board englobes KOLs and entrepreneurs sharing our vision to change antibody design and discovery.

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Our DNA is our transversal expertise

MAbSilico originates from the synergy between AI and biology experts who learned along the years how to speak the same language


MAbSilico's task force seizes the full pipeline, from biological data generation, to AI solutions building, and final embedding into a software platform.

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Adrien Verdier
AI/ML engineer

Anne holds a PhD in Biomathematics. She's been working on protein-protein interactions at CNRS for more than 20 years.

Anne Poupon

Frederic Triquet

Yann Jullian

Augustin Chassine
Tech lead

Yannick Corde
Biologist technician

Mélanie Cortes
Biologist scientist

Astrid holds a PhD in cellular biology. She worked on GPCRs mechanisms of action and their modulation by antibodies.

Astrid Musnier
Head of Biology

Saheli Mitra
AI/ML scientist

Christophe Dumet
Data scientist

Vincent holds a PhD in biology and worked in biotech and public research institutes in Europe before founding MAbSilico.

Vincent Puard

Zakaria Omahdi
Scientific Business Developer

Thomas holds a PhD in structural biology and computer sciences. He worked on implementing AI approaches in genomics, docking, immuno-oncology.

Thomas Bourquard

Abdel-Raouf Keskes
AI/ML engineer

Advisory board

Gathers experts in immunology, biotech and pharma industry helping MAbSilico grow and provide solutions adapted to the field.

Nicolas Poirier
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientific Officer at OSE Immunotherapeutics
Hervé Watier
Professor of immunology at Tours Université and Med school
Thierry Wurch
Global Director - Antibody Projects at Evotec

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Experts in immunology, biotech and pharma industry helping MAbSilico grow and provide solutions adapted to the field.

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Our collaborators share clear vision and a desire to make a difference in drug discovery.

Other collaborators helping MAbSilico to go further:


Our partners share our vision to use computation to accelerate, succeed faster and bring better drug for patients.

Other collaborators helping MAbSilico to go faster:


MAbSilico has the desire to bring our computational designed antibodies to best scientists and help them solving cutting edge research project.

Universities and institute powered by MAbSilico


Private companies and governmental agencies are helping MAbSilico to accelerate the revolution for AI-based antibody discovery.

Other entities agencies are helping MAbSilico to grow:

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Frequently asked questions

Can you run biological validations ?

Our biologists have access to state-of-the-art technologies to validate binding interactions of antibodies to their antigen. MAbSilico is working with 3rd party for antibody production and we can adapt to fulfill your requirements. Our biologists have extensive experience in GPCR, immunology and antibody discovery.

Can you apply your technology if there is no structure of my target?

Based on existing data and solutions such as Alphafold, MAbSilico's experts can design by structural homology modeling the 3D template of your target. To anticipate structural modification due to biological context, MAbSilico can model different conformations of your target.

What do you need to start a project ?

The first information is the target name and its UNIPROT number. These are the only information for antibody de novo design. After an analysis by our structural experts, we can estimate if our technology can be applied to accelerate and increase the success of your project.
If you have already selected antibodies, we need their sequences for the characterization or their optimization.

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Drop us a line if you want to know more about our technology or if you are willing to talk about your projects. We are always keen on discussing science!

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