January 20, 2021

OSE Immunotherapeutics Expands its Collaboration with MAbSilico to Use Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Drug Development of Novel Antibody Therapeutics

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●      OSE is advancing an"Immunotherapy 2.0" future by leveraging MAbSilico’s artificial intelligence-poweredsoftware solutions and professional services to accelerate and further optimizethe development of new therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

●      OSE and MAbSilicojoined their efforts to demonstrate the power of a fully computational in silico Antibody Discovery and Designplatform. The expanded collaboration agreement will now be applied to 10antibody programs.

OSE Immunotherapeutics today announced a new collaboration agreement with MAbSilico, a deep technology innovative TechBio located in Tours, France, to use artificial intelligence(AI)-based software for therapeutic monoclonal antibody drug development.

Nicolas Poirier, ChiefScientific Officer of OSE Immunotherapeutics, stated: “Expansion of our collaboration with MAbSilico to ten additional programs reflects our shared conviction that we can meaningfully improve and accelerate drug discovery, by pairing the knowledge and expertise of our R&D teams with the innovative technologies offered by MAbSilico. This perfectly complements the Company’s evolving business strategy to build a competitive development engine and bring more products into the clinic, hence accelerating and expanding our clinical stage portfolio in immunotherapy.”

OSE Immunotherapeuticsand MAbSilico entered into an initial agreement early 2020 to apply innovativeAI-based solutions to six programs aiming at accelerating the characterizationand optimization of monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic proteins for OSE toinvestigate as therapeutic agents.

Through this expanded agreement, both companies reinforce and extend the scope of the collaboration to use MAbSilico software for ten additional development programs of antibody drugs in immuno-oncology, inflammation and autoimmune diseases fo rOSE.

Furthermore, both companies are bringing together their unparalleled expertise in the field of AI and antibody-based therapies to develop a disruptive computational insilico Antibody Discovery and Design platform combining OSE’s database and expertise with MAbSilico’s AI-tools.

MAbSilico software, including AI, numerical simulation and data mining, is being used toguide therapeutic antibody discovery, help reduce the risk of failure and accelerate the preclinical development process of antibody drug candidates, with the objectives of speeding up the start of clinical testing.

Vincent Puard, Chief Executive Officer of MAbSilico, stated: “This new agreement for additional antibody programs in less than a year validates that MAbSilicoAI-based software is a key advantage for biotech and pharma companies to accelerate their discovery programs. A great example is the collaboration between MAbSilico and OSE for CoVepiT, OSE's prophylactic multi-target vaccine against COVID-19. MAbSilico peptide modeling identified vaccine target epitopes in only two weeks, helping OSE move quickly into preclinical and human ex vivo studies in August 2020. The expertise of OSE Immunotherapeutics is an added value for MAbSilico, helping accelerate and secure the demonstration of the value ourAI-driven technologies provide to early-stage drug development. Our team is proud to support them in their digital revolution of the antibody-based drug development process.”

This new collaboration between OSE Immunotherapeutics and MAbSilico aims to:

-     Accelerate the development of OSE’s "Immunotherapy 2.0" drug candidates by using AI, including machine learning and algorithms, at a very early stage in the process of monoclonal antibody discovery and optimization (AI-driven drug discovery);

-      Demonstrate how in silico software for computational antibody discovery and design can disrupt traditional drug development processes and timelines, from the selection of a promising epitope to the optimization of the final humanized lead. The very complementary knowledge of OSE’s antibody expertise, knowledge and databases with MAbSilico’s AI expertise and antibody-dedicated deep tech technologies gathered in its integrated software, MAbFactory, is a revolution for antibody development.