• MAbCross & MAbSubstitute: characterize and secure your antibodies

  • Diverse your antibodies screening

    Our AI-driven tools rely on an original similarity measure between the CDR of query antibody and antibodies in our database which contains 400,000 antibody sequences. These tools are patented methods by INRA Tranfert and MAbSilico possess the exclusive exploitation license.

    What we need:

    • Only the sequence of the antibody

    What for:

    • Identify your target (MAbTarget)
    • Cross-reactivity prediction (MAbCross)
    • Antibody re-positioning (MAbSubstitute)
    • Secure your IP
    • Fulfill the due diligence requirement


    • PDB files of the 30 top-ranked antibody-antigen complexes structures
    • Peptides sequences
    • Raw and analyzed experimental data
    • Complete report, with validation methods
  • What you can do?

    Characterize and secure your antibodies

    Retrieve new antibodies directed at the same epitope as the query antibody.

    Identify putative off-targets for the query antibody and allow forecasting its cross-reactions