• Deeptech driven solutions for antibody development

    MAbSilico is a deeptech startup - spinoff of CNRS and INRA research team - committed to the fast discovery and development of biomarker and therapeutic antibodies for our biotech customers.

  • Highlights

    Artificial Intelligence, big data and machine learning for antibody

    AI-driven tools


    Deep learning and AI based algorithms

    Proprietary method, unique know-how

    From 20 years of proven research (papers & patents)

    Fast data


    Report within 2 weeks

    Secure your


    Deep characterization for high protection

    Pay as you use


    Full ownership and exclusive right for customer

  • Our tools

    We accelerate and secure the development of your antibody at early stage

  • Focus on MAbTope

    MAbTope: define and secure your epitope

  • Team

    Vincent Puard


    10 years of international experience in academia and private company working with antibodies

    Anne Poupon


    International expert with more than 20 years of research in bioinformatics as PI at CNRS. R&D programs lead to the invention of our tools.

    Thomas Bourquard


    10 years of international research experience bioinformatic (AI, machine learning, big data).

    Co-inventor of the tools.


    Astrid Musnier

    Head of biology

    10 years of international research experience in protein-protein interaction technologies.

    Co-inventor of the tools.

    Samuel Dominique


    High-tech Entrepreneur with a track record of business leadership,
    management & finance.

  • Scientific and Advisory board

    Nicolas Felix

    Medtech, startup advisor.

    Professor Hervé Watier

    Immunologist, LabEx MabImprove coordinator.

    Nicolas Poirier

    CSO of OSE Immunotherapeutics.

  • Partners