• MAbTope: define and secure your epitope

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  • Prediction process

    MAbTope is a docking-based method and needs structures. The structure of the antibody can be modeled so we need only the sequence. The structure of the target has to be solved to ensure the best efficiency of the prediction. Our algorithm generates 108 complex conformations among which the interfaces predicted in the 30 best ranked solutions are kept for analysis. The number of times each amino acid is predicted to be in the epitope among the 30 best solutions is calculated and peptides are designed among these amino acids. For this reason, linear as well as conformational epitopes can be considered for validations. The peptides are then used to performed cutting-hedge techniques of protein-protein interactions.

    What we need:

    • Sequence of the antibody
    • 3D structure of the target

    What for:

    • Characterize the epitope
    • Optimize your lead selection
    • Secure your IP
    • Fulfill the due diligences requirements


    • PDB files of the 30 top-ranked antibody-antigen complexes structures
    • Peptides sequences
    • Raw and analyzed experimental data
    • Complete report, with validation methods


  • We are better than the other predictive methods

    We compared the 30 best-ranked docking poses from MAbTope to 2 other wildly used methods, i.e. FRODOCK and Cluspro. As can be seen, MAbTope correctly clusters its best prediction on the region solved by crystallography whereas FRODOCK and Cluspro solutions are scattered around the structure of the target.